Photo Sphere policies

Photo sphere sharing policy

Geolocated photo spheres shared on Google Maps may also be displayed in a variety of Google products and services, such as Google Maps for mobile, Google Earth, Google Search, Google+Local, and third party sites using the Google Maps API. They may also be displayed in gallery pages that feature content shared by users. For more information about how your images may be used by Google or third parties, please see the Terms of Service.

Depending on the content of the uploaded photo sphere, it may be eligible to be shown within the aforementioned products. Please see the table below for more details.

Photo geolocation policy

If you do not want to share the location(s) of your photo sphere(s), please do not use this service.

Google Maps requires that photo spheres shared through this service be accurately geolocated for the benefit of other users who may view them on the map. This service uses the geotag that is included in the image’s metadata or that you otherwise provide. Use of this service does not impact how other services may use the geotags in your photos and is independent of, and not affected by, your geo location preferences for photos in Google+.

Acceptance policy for photo spheres

The following table summarizes the acceptance policy for photo spheres. All types of photo spheres that appear in the table are unacceptable for Google Maps. Google+ policies and the community standards must also be followed. If we remove a photo sphere from Google Maps, it does not necessarily mean it will be removed from Google+.

Unacceptable types of photo spheres Comments
Photo spheres not geo positioned or that are geo positioned to the wrong place Photo spheres wrongly positioned, whether due to GPS sensor error or any other reason, may be misleading to Google Maps users and will be removed from Google Maps (not Google+).
Photo spheres that are not 360º horizontal field of view A complete photo around the horizon is required so that viewers of the photo sphere can rotate around without seeing breaks in the scene.
Photo spheres without sufficient vertical field of view Photo spheres must have enough height so that the scene is clearly depicted. We do not require that the photo spheres include everything from the ground to the sky, though completeness is encouraged.
Photo spheres that are not real photos such as renderings, collages, drawings, scanned documents, text documents, screen captures, etc. These Photo spheres will be removed.
Photo spheres that someone else took, even if you credit the original photographer Unless you have explicit permission from the photographer, you cannot share the photo sphere on Google Maps
Photo spheres with prominent superimposed advertising Photo spheres of businesses are allowed if they depict real world locations; however, these photo spheres cannot be used for displaying advertisements. Advertising placed over the image or manufactured real world scenes for the purpose of advertising are not accepted. As an example: Acceptable: "Bob’s Pizza" Not acceptable: "Bob’s Pizza - best pizza in town!" or "Call us at 555-7757 to place your order"
Large text, logos, or watermarks for the purpose of copyright notification or advertisement Very small and discreet copyright notices are allowed if you are the copyright owner. And included text and content must also follow our content policies.
Photo spheres that contain content that is sexually explicit, graphically violent, discriminative, xenophobic, racist, bullying, etc. These photo spheres will be removed.
Photo spheres that violate the legal rights of others These photo spheres will be removed.
Photo spheres surrounded by frames Very thin and simple frames on the top and/or bottom edge (not the left or right edge) are acceptable, such as a black line or white line
3D images intended for use with special glasses These photo spheres will be removed.
Photo spheres that are low resolution or low image quality, including ones that have bad stitching errors in important areas of the scene These photo spheres will be removed.

Failure to comply to any of the above conditions may lead to the removal of the infringing photo spheres without notice from Google Maps and the other products previously included.