Find and get directions with your location

To search for places around you and get directions more quickly, you can center the map on your current location.

Get directions based on your location

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the map, click the location button . The map will move to your location and a blue dot will appear where you are.
     If you don't see the location button , see alternate instructions at the bottom of this page.
  3. Hover over the search box and click Directions.
  4. Click the My location link below the box to get directions from your current location or enter your starting point.

If you have Location History turned on, your location may be based on the location of your mobile device.

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Fix your location

Understand location symbols

Google Maps needs your permission to access your location. Learn how to give Maps access to your location for Chrome.

Google Maps may have accessed your location recently. Click the icon to try to center the map again.

Google Maps is showing a different map area and needs to update. Google accessed your location before, and temporarily stored it to help improve your experience on Google Maps and other Google products.

To re-center the map, click the icon again. To stop sharing your location, read more below.

The map is centered on your location.

Change the first map you see

You can change the part of the map that you see when you open Google Maps in two ways:

Turn on Location History for your Google Account. If you have Location History turned on, your location may be based on the location of your mobile device. Learn more about Location History.

Allow Maps access to your location on desktop. Learn how to grant Maps permission to use your location.


Stop sharing your location

If you don't want to share your location with Google Maps, turn off location sharing in your browser settings (like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer). Learn how to change location sharing in Chrome.

Learn more about location-based services.

Alternate instructions

If the instructions above didn't work, you might be on the classic version of Maps. Follow these alternate instructions:

Center the map on your location for classic Google Maps
  1. Open the classic Google Maps.
  2. Click the gray circle button in the top left corner of the map.
  3. If you see a message asking whether Maps can access your location, click Allow.
  4. After a few moments, the map will center on your location with a blue dot.

If you move the map and want to center it again, click the circle button again.

When the button above Pegman is gray, you won’t see your location on the map as a blue dot, but Google Maps will still access your location.

Get directions to or from your location

You can get directions to or from where you are.

  1. Open the classic Google Maps.
  2. Click Get directions in the top left.
  3. Two boxes will appear where you can enter your starting point (A) and destination (B).
  4. Start typing “my location” in one of the boxes.
  5. When you see “My Location” appear below the search box, click it.
  6. In the other box, type your destination and press Enter.
Change the map you see when you open classic Google Maps

When you open the classic Google Maps, you'll see a map of your current location. This map view helps you find places near you and get directions quickly.

If we can't detect where you are accurately, you'll see a more general map. If you want to change your initial map view, follow these steps:

  1. Open the classic Google Maps on your computer.
  2. Find the bolded place name on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the Correct it button.
  4. Type your current place in the search box then press Enter.

Next time you open Google Maps, you'll see the map view you set.

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