See imagery in Maps

Explore the world with Google Maps’ extensive imagery. Revisit familiar places or discover new ones by changing the way you view the map and its information. You can see imagery in the search box, in the carousel on the bottom right, or by placing Pegman on the map.

What you can see

  • Street-level images in Street View  
  • Earth and satellite images
  • Photos  and panoramas  (photo spheres) taken by other Google users
  • Building and place interior maps and images

Not all imagery is available for all places.

See imagery on the map

You can use the imagery carousel to access all types of imagery for a location:

  1. Search for a place or move the map to an area you’d like to explore.
  2. Click the  carousel button in the bottom right corner to see imagery.
  3. Hover over the image to see where it is on the map, then click to view it.
  4. To return to the map, click "Back to Map" in the bottom left.

Note: If you're using Maps in Lite mode, you won't be able to use the carousel to explore imagery.

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