Driving directions

Are you a directions rookie? Learn the basics of getting directions first, then come back here to learn more advanced directions features.

To find directions to your destination by car:

  1. Enter your starting and ending locations.  You can type them in manually or click the locations on the map. These fields may also be filled in already. You can also choose locations from your recent history or your set home and work locations.
  2. Add additional destinations. Click the button in the directions infocard. Click and drag to reorder additional destinations.
  3. Click the  drive icon.

View and edit directions

View directions

You can look at your directions in three different ways:

  • Map view. In map view, hover over the white route nodes to see key directions on the map.
  • Step-by-step mode. Click List all steps to get a more detailed look at your route, with all the directions displayed at once. Click Full map view in the map pane to return to the full map.
  • Preview. Click Preview steps to follow along with your key direction points on the map by going from step to step.

Distance and time will automatically appear for each route where available, as well as traffic conditions.

Where available, you can also see Street View imagery of your starting and end points. Simply hover over the info card below the search box to see imagery options.

Directions options

While you have a directions card open, click Route options or enter step-by-step directions view to customize your results:

  • Toggle between miles and kilometers in options mode by clicking the button next to either "Miles (mi)" or "Kilometers (km)", or in step-by-step by clicking In miles (mi).
  • Avoid highways, tolls, or both by checking the appropriate box(es).
  • Click the Best route in the step-by-step drop-down menu to have Google Maps pick the best route for you.

Re-order destinations

To change the order of your destination points, drag the circle icons to the desired location. 

Add multiple destinations and waypoints

Here's how to get directions with multiple destinations or waypoints:
  1. Get directions using the instructions above.
  2. Click the + button in the info card at the top of the map.
  3. In the text box that appears, type a destination. You can also click the location on the map.
  4. To add another destination, click + again.

To remove a destination, hover over the location in the card and click the that appears to the right of the address. To adjust the order of your destinations, click and drag the circles to the left of the destination names. 

Note: Multiple destinations are not available for public transit directions or flight searches.