Public transit directions

Are you a directions rookie? Learn the basics first, then come back here to learn more.

To find directions to your destination using public transit:

  1. Enter your start and end points. You can type them in manually or click the places on the map. These fields may also be filled in already. You can also choose places from your recent history or your set home and work addresses. Your destination will be marked in the card and on the map by a pin.
  2. Click the  public transit icon.

Hover over the white route nodes to see key directions on the map. Or, click the link next to "Next departure" to see a step-by-step mode of your route.

The best transit options are shown below the search box. This includes the public transit lines used, the average duration of this trip, as well as operating time and frequency. (Note: some of this information might not be available for all results.)

See the the next trip with its exact times, and click on the info card to get more details. Stops and directions also appear on the map.

Find your optimal route with Schedule Explorer

When navigating to a destination via transit there are a wealth of different options and factors you may want to account for. To find the route that’s just right for you select More options and times from the main map view.

To start, you’ll see the Schedule Explorer:

The Schedule Explorer depicts the overall travel time for your route, time spent walking (dotted lines) versus on transit (solid lines), and transportation lines used. You can easily see all upcoming routes by clicking and dragging the time header. Click on any route to see more details.

Route options

In addition to the timeline slider you can also specify route options manually.

  • Click the Depart at button to choose whether you want to leave at a specific time, Leave now to leave immediately, and Arrive by to get there at a specific time. Choose the time and date for your directions in the corresponding boxes.
  • Click Any transit mode to narrow your directions down to a particular type of transit.
  • Click Best route to choose the fastest route that most closely fits your criteria. In the dropdown menu, you can also choose between Fewer transfers and Less walking.

View direction details

Below the timetable, you can see specifics of your selected route, including a map view. Click on a portion of the directions to get more detailed instructions. Google Maps provides the number of stops between where you got on and where you’re supposed to get off. Click a portion of your route and click see stops to see the names of the stops in between.

Edit directions

To change your start or end points, drag the gray circle icon or pin on the map to the desired place, or type in the new place in the directions box.

To adjust the order of your destinations, click and drag the gray circles to the left of the destination names.

Note: Multiple destinations are only available for driving directions.

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