Lite mode

If you see a "Lite mode" link in the bottom right corner of the map, you're using a simplified version of Google Maps. In Lite mode, 3D Earth view and other 3D imagery won’t work.

Google Maps may automatically switch to Lite Mode if your browser or operating system is outdated.

Get 3D imagery in Google Maps

To use the full version of the new Google Maps, with 3D imagery, your computer needs to meet these requirements.


If you still don't see the full version, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer
  • Make sure you've updated your operating system, especially any video card driver updates.

Improve Maps speed using Lite mode

If you have the full version of the new Google Maps and it seems slow, try switching to Lite Mode.

Here's how to switch to the other modes:

If a link isn't working, make sure you're using your country's Google Maps domain, like for Spain.