Use Lite mode if Maps is slow

To make Maps load faster on your computer, you can use a version of Google Maps called Lite mode. Some older browsers and operating systems might automatically switch to Lite mode if they don't support the full Google Maps.

Check if you’re already in Lite mode

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps .
  2. In the top left, click the Menu .
  3. Go to the bottom of the page. If you’re in Lite mode, you’ll see a lighting bolt and a message that says "You're in Lite mode."

Things you can’t do in Lite mode

In Lite mode, some features are turned off so that Maps can run faster. You won't be able to do the following things while using Lite mode:

  • See 3D imagery and Earth view
  • Show your computer’s location on the map
  • Set home and work addresses
  • Search nearby
  • Measure the distance between places
  • Get coordinates
  • Drag routes
  • Embed a map
  • Send a place to your car
  • View My Maps in Google Maps
  • Suggest an edit
  • View your contributions or the contributions profiles of other users
  • Add private labels to places

Switch to the full version of Maps

  1. Check that your computer meets these requirements.
  2. On your computer, open Google Maps .
  3. In the bottom right, click Lite mode .
  4. Click Switch back to full Maps.

If you still don't see the full version, try these steps:

  • Restart your browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure you've updated your operating system, especially any video card driver updates.

Get faster Maps using Lite mode

If you have the full version of Google Maps and it seems slow, try switching to Lite mode.

Tip: If the link above isn't working, make sure you're using your country's Google Maps domain, like for Spain.

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