Other versions of Google Maps on the web

If you’re using Google Maps on your computer and the map doesn’t scroll or pan smoothly there are other versions you can use.

Switch between Google Maps versions

There are 2 types of Google Maps on your computer you can use:

Default: This is the default view.

Satellite: This view shows detailed imagery, which includes both a 2D and 3D view. To enable the satellite map, click on the Layers/Satellite icon at the lower left.

Enable 3D mode in Maps

3D mode: This version includes smooth zooming and transitions, 3D buildings and features, satellite images, and additional detail. To activate 3D mode: 

  1. Open Maps in Satellite mode.
  2. Make sure globe view is enabled.
    1. Hover over the "Layers" icon.
    2. Click More.
    3. Click the checkbox next to "Globe view."
  3. Click the 3D icon at the lower right below the compass.

2D Mode: This Google Maps version may work better on older or lower performance computers. It doesn’t have 3D images or WebGL, and it uses simple zooming and transitions. Open Maps in 2D Mode.

Use Google Search instead

If Google Maps isn't working on your computer, you can search for places, businesses, and directions, all on Google Search.

See system and browser requirements

If your computer meets the requirements but you still aren't seeing the full version of Maps with 3D, check your browser. Some browsers block the WebGL technology used to make 3D images. To find out which browsers might cause problems, see this list for more information. To see if your web browser can use WebGL, check this website.

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