Use Maps in Lite mode

If you notice the map screen does not scroll or pan smoothly, you can try using a version of Google Maps called Lite mode. Sometimes, Lite mode will automatically open up if you’re using Google Maps: 

  • In a mobile browser on your phone or tablet
  • In an older web browser on your computer
  • In an older operating system on your computer

Things you can’t do in Lite mode

In Lite mode, some features are turned off. You won't be able to do the following things while using Lite mode:

  • See 3D imagery and Earth view
  • Show your computer’s location on the map
  • Set home and work addresses
  • Search nearby
  • Measure the distance between places
  • Get coordinates
  • Drag routes
  • Embed a map
  • Send a place to your car
  • View My Maps in Google Maps
  • Suggest an edit
  • Add private labels to places

Switch to the full version of Maps

To use the full version of Maps, download the latest version of the Google Maps app.

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