Explore inside with Indoor Maps

About indoor maps

View floor plans of commercial destinations such as airports, department stores, malls, and more within Google Maps.

Indoor maps are only available for certain places. See a list of places that have indoor maps.

View and search indoors

Indoor Maps is built into Google Maps, which means you can use many of the same great Maps features to explore your indoor space.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Find a place that has an indoor map. See a list of places that have indoor maps. An indoor map will have clear details inside the building.
  3. Zoom in to the map and click on a building or place to see the indoor floor plan.
  4. Click between levels and floors with the buttons in the bottom right.

The map will show you places in the building, including stores, restrooms, food, and more. Click a place to learn more.

Report a problem with indoor maps

If there's something wrong with the map, you can let us know. You can report a problem by clicking the “Report a problem” link in the bottom right.

If you would like to request that an indoor map be removed, please include the words “indoor takedown” in the description of the issue.

Note: The “Report a problem” feature is not available for all countries.


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