Indoor Maps

About indoor maps

View floor plans of commercial locations such as airports, department stores, malls, and more within Google Maps. 

Indoor Maps is only available in selected locations

View, search, and get directions for indoor maps

Indoor Maps is built into Google Maps, which means you can use many of the same great Maps features to explore your indoor space.

View an indoor location

  1. Find an available Indoor Maps location.
  2. Zoom into the map and click on a building or place to see the indoor floor plan.
Depending on the data available, the map will show notable places in the building you're currently viewing, including stores, restrooms, food, and more. Click any indoor location to learn more.

Use the floor picker in the bottom right corner of the screen to switch between levels.

Search and get directions indoors

Search results and directions work, for the most part, just like they do in the rest of Google Maps.

  • Indoor Maps won't show unless you're fully zoomed into a building where an indoor map is available.
  • You can get directions to an indoor location (or even from one indoor location to another).
  • If your directions search includes multiple floors, the path on the floor you’re not viewing will be hidden.

Report a Problem with indoor maps

Issues related to Indoor Maps can be reported by using the “Report a Problem” button. You can access Report a Problem in a few places:

  • Right clicking on the maps window and select Report a Problem
  • “Report A Problem” link at the bottom-right corner of the Map
  • “Report A Problem” link at the bottom of the left hand panel - when you search for directions or an address or a business or other place

If you would like to request that an indoor map be removed, please include the words “indoor takedown” in the description of the issue.

Note: The “Report a problem” feature is not available for all countries.