Public transit directions

Finding public transportation options for your route is easy with Google Transit.

To find directions to your destination using public transit:

  1. Click Get directions.
  2. Click the transit icon. 
  3. Enter your starting and destination in the open text fields; these can be addresses, locations or points of interest 
  4. Click the blue GET DIRECTIONS button to see suggested trips with times.

Depending on your route, Google Maps may suggest trips with multiple modes of transportation. For example, one route may include a train while another might be via bus.

Click on any of the suggested routes listed to see it displayed on the map.

Planning trips in advance

Need to plan for a future trip in advance? Using the trip planner, you can specify dates and times for when you’d prefer to depart or when you’d like to arrive at your destination. This customizable pull-down menu appears just below the destination field. Clicking the blue Show options link will provide even more options, including your preferred mode of transit and multiple routing options (“Best route,” “Fewer transfers,” or “Less walking”).