Real time trip updates and service alerts

Using public transit can sometimes be frustrating if your mode of transportation is slightly behind schedule, significantly delayed, or even worse, there’s an unplanned station closure.

Where agency data is available, real time transit alerts through Google Transit provide live, updated information to let you know when your ride will arrive or help to you plan around service interruptions. 

Trip Updates

When clicking on a station icon on the map, you’ll see the updated times displayed with the “Live departure times” icon.

Service Alerts

Need help adjusting your trip when unexpected surprises arise? Like Trip Updates, current and planned service alerts will also be shown in the directions results on the left-hand panel and station icon on the map. Simply select another departure time, route, or mode of transit to find alternative trips to your destination.

Display your agency's transportation information

If you operate a transportation service open to the public with fixed schedules and routes, we welcome your participation.

For more information, please visit our Google Developers and Transit Partner Program sites to learn more about getting started.