Time in current traffic

Where Traffic data is available, Google Maps can help you identify which route to choose and how much time your trip might take based on current traffic conditions. To do this, live and historic data is refreshed regularly to provide you with accurate and timely estimates.

Determine your estimated time in current traffic:

  1. Click the Get directions button on the left-hand panel.
  2. Enter your start and end points, then click the Get directions button.

You’ll then see suggested routes for your trip, as well as the distance between points and the length of time the trip would usually take without any traffic. Below this, you’ll see updated travel time information based on current road conditions. If we don't have enough data to calculate accurate traffic speeds for a route, we won't show traffic conditions for that route.   

If you live in an area with Transit information, this will also be listed as an option - all to help make getting around faster and easier.