Control access point inclusion in Google's Location services

To improve Location services, Google uses publicly broadcast Wi-Fi data from wireless access points and GPS, cell tower, and sensor data. Only publicly broadcast Wi-Fi information is used to estimate the location of a device.

To help apps like Google Maps work better, you can let Google's Location services use your Wi-Fi access point. 

How do I opt out of Google Location services?

To opt out, change the SSID (name) of your Wi-Fi access point (your wireless network name) so that it ends with "_nomap". For example, if your SSID is "12345," you would change it to "12345_nomap."

Find specific steps for your access point

If you got your access point from your ISP, contact your ISP for steps. Otherwise, check the website of your access point's manufacturer:

Follow general steps for many access points

  1. Make a physical connection between your access point and your computer with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Find the default gateway of your connection:
    • On Windows, type "ipconfig" into the command prompt (on the Start menu).
    • On Mac OS, type "ifconfig" into the command prompt.
    • On Linux, type "ifconfig" into the command prompt.
  3. After you have the default gateway (it looks like, type it into the address bar of your web browser, like Chrome or Firefox. This step will take you to the control panel for your access point.
  4. If asked to sign to your access point's controls, enter the right username and password. See the instructions that came with your access point.

After you’ve changed your SSID, re-establish a connection to the network using its new name. You can take this step from any devices using Wi-Fi, like your laptop or mobile phone. If your network is secured with a password, use the same password.

To help ensure your changed SSID is submitted to Google quickly, open Google Maps on an Android device with Wi-Fi turned on. To establish a location fix near your Wi-Fi access point, tap My location My location.

Will my access point be removed from other Location services?

Each Location service provider operates independently. Other providers can see the SSID method of opting out. We encourage other providers to respect the "_nomap" tag as a way to opt out from inclusion in a Location server.

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