Directions in 3D

Google Maps gives you the ability to view directions in 3D using the Google Earth plug-in. Once you install the plug-in, you’ll have the option of viewing an aerial view of your route, whether it be driving, walking, or biking.

To activate the 3D tour of your route, click Maps 3D Button in the left panel after generating your directions.

Maps 3D Directions

You can pause the route by clicking anywhere in the 3D view or by clicking the pause button in the lower left-hand corner of the map view. To help you keep track of which step you are on, the current leg of the trip will be highlighted in the left panel. You can also jump to a different part of the trip by clicking on a different step.

To exit the 3D view, click the 2D button in the left panel at any time.

If you experience any technical issues, take a look at these troubleshooting tips for the Google Earth plug-in.