+1 button for My Maps

What is the +1 button?

The +1 button allows you to:

  • Share helpful maps with others
  • Thank someone for creating a useful custom map
  • Easily keep track of maps that you want to refer back to

To +1 a map, click the +1 button underneath the map info when you are signed in to your Google Account.

+1 Button for My Maps

When you +1 a map, the map will be automatically added to your +1’s tab on your Google+ profile. Find out more about the +1’s tab.

Can I turn off the +1 button on My Maps?

People can only +1 maps that are Public. If you mark a map as Unlisted, the +1 button won’t appear on the map. However, if a map is public and it becomes unlisted, any +1’s that occurred while the map was public will still appear in +1’s tabs with a link to the map.

Will my name be displayed when I +1 a map?

+1’ing is a public action associated with your Google+ account. For now, only the total count of +1’s will be displayed on the map. In the future, we may display the names of people in your circles who have also +1’d the map.