Find and use your location

You're seeing instructions for the classic Google Maps version. If you have the new Google Maps, see this location article.

You can quickly find places nearby and get directions from your location on the classic Google Maps. First, center the map on your location by turning on My Location.

Turn on My location

  1. Open the classic Google Maps.
  2. Click the gray dot in the top left corner of the map.
    If you see a message asking whether you want to share your location, click Allow.
  3. After a few moments, the map will center on your location.

If you move the map view and want to center it again, click the dot again.

To turn off My Location, click the blue dot until it turns gray.

Get directions to or from your location

You can use your current location as a start or end point when getting directions.

  1. Open the classic Google Maps.
  2. Click Get directions on the left side of the map. Two boxes will appear where you can enter your start point (A) and destination (B).
  3. Start typing “my location” in one of the boxes.
  4. When you see “My Location” appear below the search box, click it.
  5. In the other box, type your other location and press Enter.

Privacy and My location

Google Maps gets your location from your browser, like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. To learn how your browser determines where you are, visit its website.