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Share the map

Whether you’ve found a cool spot or have helpful directions, you can share your map with others over email, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or text.

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Make a map or get directions.
  3. When you're ready to share, click the main menu .
  4. Select Share or embed map.
     If you don't see Share or embed map, click Link to this map instead.
  5. [Optional] Check the box next to "Short URL" to create a shorter web page link.
  6. Double-click the link to highlight it, then copy it by pressing CTRL+C (for PC) or ⌘+C (for Mac).
  7. Paste the link by pressing CTRL+V (for PC) or ⌘+V (for Mac) wherever you want to share the map, like an email or Google+ post.

You can also copy the web address from your browser's address bar in all browsers except Internet Explorer 8 or 9.


What you can share

You can share these types of maps:

  • A place, business, or address

  • A directions search

  • A Street View image

From within Google Maps, you can't share:

  • A map with your saved locations (those are private to you)

  • A map with a distance measurement

  • A screenshot or image of the map itself

Benefits of a short URL

By sharing a short URL, you can leave more room to say what's on your mind. For example, the short URL http://goo.gl/l6MS is easier to share than the long URL http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/12/making-urls-shorter-for-google-toolbar.html. Learn more about the Google URL shortener.

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