Share maps (classic Maps)

These instructions are for the classic Maps. See sharing instructions for the new Maps. (Which version am I using?)

To share a map or a set of search results:

  1. Open the classic Google Maps.
    Note: These directions relate to classic Maps only.
  2. Search for the place you'd like to share, then click Maps Link Button at the top of the left panel.
  3. Copy the URL or click Send to email the link to another person. for more options. 

You can share maps in a few different ways (depending on where you are):

  • Paste link in email or IM: In this field, you'll see a URL that you can copy and paste. Click Short URL to shorten the link.
  • Paste HTML to embed in website: You can copy and paste this HTML to embed the map in your website. Click Customize and preview embedded map to adjust map size and preview what the embedded map will look like. Learn how to embed a map.

Share to car or GPS

To share a particular business listing, click Send in the info window for that listing.

If you’re signed-in to your Google Account, you’ll see a few more options for where to send your map, directions, or business listing:

  • Car: This allows you to send information like an address or business listing to your car.
  • GPS: You can send business listings and place information to your navigation device.
Note: Send to phone is no longer available on the classic Google Maps.
For more detailed information on how to add a Google Map to your site, visit