Walking and biking directions

Get walking directions

You can find walking routes as part of your directions. To get walking directions, click on Get Directions and select the walking icon. Google Maps suggests directions that are optimized for walking. For example, the route may avoid major roads, use pedestrian walkways.

Get biking directions

You can get routes customized for cyclists by selecting the bike icon when you get directions. These routes are created using several different kinds of roads and paths, indicated on the map.

  • A darker green line indicates bike trails where there are no motor vehicles.
  • A lighter green line indicates streets with bike lanes.
  • A green and white dotted line indicates streets recommended for cyclists, but without a bike lane.

Biking directions are available in 14 countries and over 150 U.S. cities. These countries include: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, and the US.

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