Descriptive terms in local search results

Where do these terms come from? Where does Google find them for a given business?
These terms, located in the "At a glance" section on Google Places listings, are a distillation of all the information that Google can find about a business, in as few words as possible. They can be from reviews, web pages, articles -- from just about any content on the web. Our algorithm tries to select a good description for each place, leaning towards what is interesting, specific, and unique.

How many descriptive terms can a single listing have?
A business can be described by many phrases, but we try to pick the best 5 to show. Sometimes, we will show fewer if we don't have enough that we are confident in.

Can I edit a listing’s descriptive terms or suggest a new one?
No; the terms are not reviewed, curated, or edited. They come from an algorithm, and we do not help that algorithm figure it out.

I see a term or phrase that is offensive or inappropriate. What can I do?
Our product attempts to take the content we have about a place and aggregate it into commonly used terms as a form of summary. If the terms we show aren't representative of a place, we take it very seriously and are always working to improve quality. However, we only remove terms if it is clear that they come from content that we have mistakenly associated with a place, and are clearly not related. At this time, we do not remove terms for reasons such as being unclear or negative. These terms are a piece of our search results and as such we strive to avoid manual editing or editorial bias in what we show.

Want to report an inappropriate term? Please use Report a problem to let us know. If you're the business owner, get in touch with us through this Help Center troubleshooter, and we'll get back to you via e-mail.