Set photo permissions on your iPhone or iPad

If you use iOS 14 or above, you can pick between photo permission levels:

  • Allow access to all photos: Shares all your photos with Google Maps. This also includes pictures taken after you select this option.
  • Select photos: Shares only selected photos with Google Maps. The pictures that you choose are the only ones that you can interact with inside Google Maps.
  • Don’t allow: Shares no photos with Google Maps.

Tip: When you select 'Allow access to all photos', you’ll get photo recommendations and grouping suggestions.

Set your photo permissions

If you want to get photo suggestions: 

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Select or search for the Place and then Tap Photos and then tap Add a photo.
  3. Select the photos that you want to share with Google Maps.
  4. Before you submit, there may be a prompt to 'Turn on photo suggestions'. Tap Learn more.
  5. Tap Allow access to all photos.

When you pick the 'Select photos' permission level, you can only find the photos that you chose in the Google Maps app. Future photos aren’t shared unless you change your permissions to 'Allow access to all photos'.

Change your photo permissions

You can change your photo permissions at any time. 

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings.
  2. Scroll and select the Google Maps app Maps
  3. Tap Photos
  4. Select a permission option.

How permissions affect your Google Maps experience

Your photo permission settings affect other areas of the Google Maps app. These include:

  • Notifications from outside the app that lead you to the in-app 'Share your experiences' page. For example: A notification like 'Add photos from your recent trip to City Park'.
  • In-app suggestions of what you can contribute to Maps on the 'Share your experiences' page.
  • Which photos you can add to a post or review.

We only send you notifications and suggestions about the photos that you share with Maps. If you choose the 'Select photos' permission setting, you won’t get notifications or suggestions for any new photos that you take, or photos that you haven’t shared with us.

If you choose the 'Don’t allow' permission setting, you can’t:

  • Get notifications outside the app to share your experiences.
  • See suggested photos to upload based on places that you’ve visited.

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