Add Neighborhood

It’s easy to add a new neighborhood you’re interested in. There’s no limit on the number of neighborhoods you can add.

To add a neighborhood:

  1. Select the drop-down at the top of the left hand panel.
  2. Hover over Show Changes in my neighborhood. You’ll see a list of your existing neighborhoods (if any), an option to add neighborhoods directly, and a list of your Suggested Neighborhoods based on places that you’ve rated, reviewed, starred or searched on Google Maps and edited on Map Maker.
  3. Select Add Neighborhood.
  4. In the Subscribe to field enter the name of the region, city, or country you want to add. Or click Current viewpoint to cover everything that’s currently visible in the existing map view.
  5. Add a neighborhood Name so you can identify the neighborhood easily. For example you might choose “Restaurants,” “mountains,” “New York” and so on.
  6. Make it easier to identify your neighborhoods:
    • Click Color to color code your neighborhood.
    • Use Settings and filters to help refine the updates you see.
    • Use Send me Email alerts to monitor feature changes within your neighborhood.
  7. Click Save to finalize your neighborhood. You’re done!