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Add building outlines

Add building outlines to make buildings easier to see on Google Maps. Before adding a building, first search to make sure it doesn't already exist on the map.

  1. Click Add New on top left of the viewport.
  2. Select Building Outline from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select a category from the drop-down menu, or start typing in the box to search for a category.
  4. Select the Satellite view and zoom in to the appropriate location. Draw the outline of the building according to the area covered by the building at ground level.
  5. Press Enter or double click to finish drawing. Add more details in the left hand panel. You can discard your edit by selecting Cancel.
  6. Click Save.

Best practices

  • Buildings with businesses: Draw a single building outline to add buildings with one or more businesses:
    • Don’t add any detail of the businesses operating within the building; to the “Building” attribute. Instead, add these separately as place markers.
    • If you're not sure of the building name, leave it unnamed.
    • Example: The de Young Building should be the name of the building and the businesses within it should be added separately as place markers.
  • Ignore the shadows cast on buildings in satellite imagery while marking the outline.
  • When there is no visible gap between two or more buildings in Street View or satellite imagery (such as row houses with different architecture), draw separate buildings.
  • Do not include any overhangs.
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