Prohibited businesses and locations

While Google Map Maker lets you map places you know, there are few locations prohibited for mapping. Places that aren’t appropriate for Google Map Maker include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

Type Examples
Non-fixed locations Businesses closed "temporarily" for more than 2 weeks
Illegal businesses in the specific country/state
Places for rent or sale
Seasonal businesses without a permanent, recurring location
Temporary, one-time events
Vacation homes without permanent onsite management
Adult Entertainment services (If illegal in the country)


Non-permanent listings Meeting places
Non-physical presence Hotlines
Online-only businesses
Service area businesses listing addresses without a permanent physical address / closed to the public.
Personal Humorous Street View photos
Private listings and premises Celebrity home
Your home
Non-public Details about military/sensitive establishments such as ammunition bases, missile depots, military barracks, nuclear power plants, etc. that are not publicly known or can't be found on an official or government website.

Note: Unnamed buildings are permitted in Map Maker.