Split & Cut out Shapes

Split Shapes:

You can now split a single feature into multiple polygons with the same attributes. You can also use multiple shapes to draw a single feature. Example: this can be helpful when drawing a university with distinct separated areas, where you want to exclude areas that don’t belong to the university.

To add multiple shapes for the same feature:

There are several ways you can add multiple polygons for a single feature. Depending on your edit, begin by selecting Add a Place / Nature Features, then follow these simple steps to split the shapes for that feature:

  1. Click along the outline/boundary of the place to draw the shape (Hold down the “Shift” key to draw right angles).
  2. After drawing the boundary, press Enter or double-click to finish drawing.
  3. Click Add to add another polygon, and repeat the steps above.
  4. In the left panel, enter the feature Name, Contact details and other attributes.
  5. Click Save when you're done.

Note: You can use this feature to add as many polygons as you want.

Cut out shapes:

You can now use the cut out tool at the top of the map view to remove portions of a shape. To do so:

  • Once you have added the shape, click cut out at the top of the map.
  • Click along the outline/boundary of the shape you want to remove within the existing shape.
  • After drawing the cut out shape, press Enter or double-click to finish drawing.

To delete a cut out shape:

  • Click Delete at the top left corner of the view-port.
  • Select the cut out shape you want to delete and click Save. This will fill in the cut out part of the shape.
  • If you are creating a shape and wish to undo a cut out, you can just use the Undo button located above the viewport.

The cut out tool can be useful when you want to add a garden situated at the center of the building separately as a “Boundary.” You can use the cut out option to create a separate attribute for the building.

Best Practices:

  • Make sure that the split polygons are actually a part of a single feature with the same attributes. If not, they should be marked as separate features.
  • Do not add split polygons for buildings as the building attributes are not always same for different buildings.
  • Don’t cut out part of the building and add it separately as a different feature. For example, you shouldn’t cut out a store from a shopping mall and make it a separate feature.
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