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Service Area Business

Service Area Businesses (SABs) are businesses that provide their service at the customer's location. If you wish to map a service area business on Map Maker, you can add the business at the location where it physically exists.

Why are SABs redirected to Google My Business?

  • Google My Business carries out specific verification process to verify the physical location of businesses and SABs in particular
  • Google My Business also gets in touch with the owner of the SAB in order to get specific details and verify them to avoid spam
  • Map Maker currently does not have this facility
  • There have been higher instances of spam in SABs

Best Practices:

  • Always add listings at locations where the business physically exists.
  • Don't add a P.O. Box as it’s not the physical address of the business/feature.
  • Add only one listing for each business location.
  • Don't include information in the address field that doesn’t reference the business’ physical location (e.g. URLs, keywords).
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