Once you add a place, Map Maker might prompt you with a list of possible duplicates.

If the place you want to add is already present in this list, select the duplicate item and click Continue.

You may also click (Details) next to feature's name to view more information about the potential duplicates. The changes you've made will be applied to the existing feature. Click Save to finish.

If the place you want to add is not available in the prompted duplicates list, select the option "This is not a duplicate" and click Continue. This saves the place as a new feature on Map Maker.

What doesn't count as a duplicate:

  • A listing for Target Supermall and another listing for Target Pharmacy with same address but different phone numbers. These are both good results and are not considered duplicates.
  • A listing for Hilton Hotel Times Square and another listing for Hilton Hotel Times Square: Hard Rock Cafe with different phone numbers. 
  • Some doctors may share the same office address with other doctors. If the listings have different doctor names, they are not duplicates, even if they have the same phone number. The same goes for lawyers, insurance agents, etc.

Best practices:

  • The only allowed duplicates are water body outlines. You may add a new water outline only when you are unable to edit an existing one that is incorrect.
  • Don't mark building or boundary outlines as duplicates of place features, as this will prevent the outline from displaying on the map.