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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone make changes to Google Maps data?

Yes, anyone who is signed in to Google Map Maker can make changes to Google Maps.

Wait, so does this mean people can spam Google Maps?

No. Changes suggested on Google Map Maker need to be reviewed before they become part of the data on Google Maps.

But who can review changes on Google Map Maker?

Anyone can review these changes, but enough trusted reviewers will need to approve an edit before it becomes part of the map. We also have a team of Google Reviewers. Learn more about reviewing.

How long does it take to for my edits to be approved?

Your edits are moderated by the Regional Leads of that region. This may take some time. Learn how to contact your regional lead.

If your edit shows "This edit requires Google moderation", our team of Google reviewers are looking into it. Once approved, you'll see your changes on Google Maps within a few hours. They will also eventually appear in other Google products like Google Earth, Google Maps for Mobile, Google Plus Local, and directions on Google Maps.

Can I print my Map Maker changes?
Sure! Open Map Maker, find the page you want to print, and right-click. Click Print and follow the steps.
What if the data on Google Maps is wrong?

Google Map Maker allows users to create data and to fix inaccurate or invalid data. It’s possible that some inaccurate data may appear on the map, especially as our world always changes. If you see any content like this, please let us know or fix it yourself.

Is Google Map Maker available in my country?

Check our list of available countries and territories.

What if someone tries to add private data to the map?

As part of our Moderation Guidelines, we don’t accept private or confidential information to be added to the public version of Google Maps.

I’m getting a strange error message. How can I report it?

Submit feedback and highlight the error message. To do this:

  1. Click the gear icon  at the top right corner on the viewport.
  2. Select Submit feedback from the dropdown.
  3. Follow the instructions and click Submit.

Google Feedback helps you report any issue, suggest a new feature, or send feedback to our team.

Why did a Google reviewer deny my edit?

We understand that your map edits are based on what you know, but we always confirm map changes through several sources to make sure our information is the best available. If we can’t confirm your edit, it might be denied.

If you think your edit was wrongly denied, you can

  • Object to the reviewed decision
  • Re-submit your edit, providing information and sources to support your change

Note: Make sure to provide more evidence to help us confirm your map edit.

How can I report spam or abuse?

If you find spam or abuse, you can report it:

  1. Search for the data you want to report.
  2. In the feature’s info window, click Edit and then Report this.
  3. Select “Other spam/abusive data”.
  4. Provide a reason to support your feedback.
  5. Click Report this.

To report spam or abuse on a particular change to existing data, you can rate the quality of an edit and choose "The edit may be spammy" as the reason it should have been denied. You can also delete or restore a place to undo any changes.

If the edit is still pending, please review this edit and select “The edit may be spammy" as your reason for denying. Mappers who get marked as spammers will not be allowed to continue editing. To report other spam or abuse on Google Maps, use Report a Problem.

To report a user as spammer:

  1. Click the user’s profile name on the edit to open the profile details in a separate page.
  2. Click Report user as spammer at the bottom left of the user’s profile.
  3. Give a relevant reason from the list provided. You can also justify your decision by adding a comment.
  4. Click Submit.
How can I report other product bugs / issues and submit feature enhancements & ideas?

Post your request or issue in the Map Maker Help Forum for other users to join the discussion. 

Where can I get more help?

If your question is not answered in the Help Center, try our Map Maker Help Forum and the tutorials on our Map Maker YouTube channel.

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