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How to review edits

Step 1: Select your neighborhood(s) or map view:

  • Click Show Changes in My Neighborhoods  at the top of the left hand panel, then select any of your added neighborhoods.
  • Hover over Show Changes in My Neighborhoods  and then click on one of your neighborhoods to see edits only from that neighborhood.
  • Click Show Changes in Current Map View  at the top of the left hand panel.

Step 2: Review the edit

  1. Click the To Review tab on the left hand panel.
  2. Select Review to start reviewing the edit.
  3. The left hand panel displays a list of changes made to the feature:
    • Yellow - Changes to edits
    • Red - Deletions are shown in red
    • Grey - Original edit
    • See examples
  4. Analyze the edit and make a decision .
  5. Add a comment to provide feedback to the mapper.
  6. Click Submit.

Approved edits may take approximately 10 minutes or more to appear on Google Maps. Edits in certain regions or specific type of edits might require approval by a Google Reviewer.

Best practices

  • Provide links to help articles to help other mappers understand Map Maker in a better way.
  • Don't allow personal information to be added to Map Maker. Make sure that mappers who add their homes don’t include their names and contact information.
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