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Getting started guide

Introduction to reviews

Map Maker's review process allows users to easily edit content while ensuring that data quality remains intact.

Why edits are reviewed

There are several reasons why edits are sent for review:

  • To provide feedback to new editors, and to help them understand the mapping process.
  • To provide feedback on more complex edits.
  • To ensure that sensitive edits meet the moderation guidelines.

How edits are reviewed

The first time a Map Maker user makes edits to a map, the edits are reviewed and approved being published.

Once a user has made a few approved edits, the next updates to the map will go live automatically. However, some types of edits or edits in specific regions may require review or multiple reviews, regardless of how experienced the mapper is.

Next steps: Learn how you can review edits in Map Maker.




Review some edits and get your edits reviewed faster!

When you review the edits made by your co-mappers, your edits are prioritized in the reviewing queue so that they appear above other edits. This enables other mappers to review them and your edits get published on Maps faster!

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