FAQs about Reviews

I’m new to Map Maker, can I still review edits?

Yes! Your local knowledge is appreciated whether you’ve submitted 1 edit or 10,000 edits.

How do I get started reviewing?

Learn more about how you can review edits here.

How many reviews do I need to have my change approved?

Whether an edit gets approved depends on a lot of factors, including how sensitive the data being changed is, how trusted the editor is, and how trusted the reviewer(s) are. The more successful, high quality edits and reviews you make, the more trusted you will become.

Who will approve my edits?

Edits can be reviewed by anyone logged in to Google Map Maker. We also have a dedicated team of trusted Google Reviewers marked with this badge  to help you with your edits.

I don't see anything to review in the left panel. What do I do?

There may not be anything to review right now in this area of the map. If you’re viewing changes in the current map view, you can click and drag the map to a different area to find features. If you’re reviewing in a neighborhood or you’re having difficulty finding edits in the map view, try selecting a different neighborhood. Learn more on how to add neighborhoods.

I reviewed an edit. Why is it still pending?

Sometimes an edit requires multiple reviewers to say Yes or No before it’s published on maps. In particular, high profile features such as National Highways and well-known landmarks usually require multiple reviews to ensure quality. You can increase the odds that an edit you review gets accepted by reviewing more edits and becoming a reputable source of information.

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