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Turn segments and connector roads

Turn segments

Also known as slip roads, these are segments between two connecting roads that bypass the direct intersection of the roads. They are the preferred route, or perhaps the only valid route, for turns between roads.

How to identify a turn segment:

  • It usually is separated from the primary road by a physical or painted island
  • It exists between intersecting roads (as opposed to ramps, which exist between non-intersecting roads).
  • It usually doesn't have names or addresses.
    • If a turn segment has a different name from the route it comes from, it should have the name and turn segment usage.
    • If a turn segment contains address information for the route it comes from, the address information should be copied to the main route.

Few special turn segments:

  • You can draw a cross-traffic turn lane with turn segment usage when there is a physical barrier that prevents traffic on a connecting segment to enter the lane. See image
    In this image, the connecting segment , is blocked from accessing the left turn lane by a physical barrier
  • Turn lanes such as "jughandles," which are physically separate from a road's through traffic, should have the “turn segment” usage. In this image, the jughandle turn segment is highlighted in pink. The jughandle replaces a left turn for drivers travelling east, so the segment is given the "turn segment" usage.
  • A displaced right or left turn or continuous flow intersection is a specific type of intersection that allows cross-turning traffic to bypass the road intersection. Add these segments as separate line features with the “turn segment” usage.

Connector roads

Connectors are short road segments between split roads that allow for U-turns. These are independent segments which don't provide connectivity for crossroads on the split road. Connector roads shouldn't have any segment usage assigned.

The priority of connector roads should be set according to the priority guidelines. In cases where the connectors between freeways aren’t used by general traffic, set the priority as “no auto traffic”.

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