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Locked political regions

Certain political regions have been locked for editing on Map Maker to maintain the integrity of these regions on Map Maker and Maps. Locked political regions are indicated by the lock symbol, as seen in the image below:

Country Borders

We have currently locked country borders so that they cannot be edited or reviewed by users.

Google Maps relies primarily on neutral third-party data sources for country borders. Many of these data sources are cited in Google Maps in the copyright string at the bottom of the page.

Disputed regions

Disputed features within countries may also be locked for editing and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to avoid constant editing of contentious areas.  Because Map Maker follows the "last approved edit wins" model of traditional wikis, the most effective and neutral position we can take is to prevent editing of these disputed areas altogether.

Regions not open for editing

There are still many regions that are not yet open for editing in Map Maker, but we're working on opening up Map Maker features to the rest of the world. See this list of regions open for editing for updates.

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