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Types of lines

You can add different types of lines to the map using Map Maker. Here are the types of lines available:

  1. Road: Thoroughfares that can support any type of vehicular traffic.
  2. Trail/Path: Biking or walking paths such as trails, walkways inside a campus or park, access paths to a building, and more. This type doesn't support vehicular traffic such as cars or motorcycles.
  3. Road flyover/Underpass: Don't use the Road category for these features.
  4. Pedestrian/Bicycle overpass: Trails or paths that traverse above a surface road.
  5. Pedestrian/Bicycle underpass: Trails or paths that traverse below a surface road.
  6. Railway: Railway tracks or rail roads as displayed in the satellite imagery.
  7. Ferry Boat Line: Routes for travel between one harbor and another. Ferries that are round trip only should not be mapped.

Don't add the following as lines:

  • Skyway: A pedestrian overpass between two buildings, sometimes referred to as a skyway.
  • Driveway: An entrance to a destination, set back from the road. It should not be mapped if it's close to the road or short.
  • Ski trail: A path specifically for recreation. Ski trails within resorts should not be added or edited at this time.

Add these features as places instead of lines:

  • Water features
  • Cable cars (Entrances)
  • Roller coasters

In some areas, you may see small, non traffic segments leading directly into buildings. These segments are created and used for Indoor maps and shouldn't be deleted. Read more on Indoor Maps.

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