Sometimes edits on Map Maker require review before they get published, and will only go live when others approve them. The comments field allows you to include a message to reviewers, so they can better understand why the feature needs to be changed.

The Comments section consists of:

  1. Reason for Editing: Select one of the reasons below to allow reviewers to easily evaluate the changes and expedite the review process.
    • Adding Detail: Select this if you are adding missing attributes to an existing feature.
    • Correcting Poor data: Select this reason if you are updating or refining the existing data.
    • Fixing Spam data: Select this reason if you come across a feature with spam.
    • Other: The option 'Other' is selected by default. Select 'Other' if you don't find a specific reason in the drop-down menu and use the Comments to the Edit Reviewer field to provide additional information.
  2. Comments to the Edit Reviewer
    • Leave additional details including relevant background information in your comments. This is especially useful if you select 'Other' in the Reason for editing field. You can also provide any updated information to help reviewers understand the reason for your edit. When leaving comments, be courteous to fellow Map Maker users and make sure comments don't contain any inappropriate content.