Labs features

To access the advanced and experimental features in Google Map Maker, click Options and select Labs from the menu bar. A window will appear that displays Map Maker's Lab features.

Select Enable next to any of the tools you'd like to use.

Road Runner tool

Use the Road Runner tool to draw roads quickly. Once the Road Runner tool is enabled, start drawing the road. Enter the road name (and priority, if required) and click Save and continue to add. Voila! The feature has been created, and you can continue drawing the road.


Quick review

Use the Quick review feature to quickly review pending features. With this feature enabled, a Skip button will appear at the bottom of the Left Panel, next to the Save button. You can use the Skip button to move to the next pending feature for review in the Review Edits queue.


Use overlays to add your own maps and images over the regular map to guide your mapping. Once enabled, the Overlays button will appear next to the Map button on the view port.