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Add details about the address of a listing or feature on Map Maker.

Address information

Address line

Use this attribute to enter the parts of the address that are not captured in the fields provided, such as the suite number, block name, building name, phase, shop number, or stage number.

Suite number can be added to the address line field using this format: # suite number, street number (example: #16, 10)

Street number

Enter the plot number or door number associated with the location. Then, select the corresponding street name from the drop-down menu.

Street name

Select the street name from the given options in the drop-down menu. If the place is close to multiple streets, the names of those streets will appear as options.

If the street names are incorrect, or if no street names appear at all, you can either edit the road or draw a new road.


A sub-locality is a relatively small section of a city, such as a neighborhood, housing colony, or development that has its own official or a local name. This information is auto-populated, but you can edit it by selecting a new locality from the dropdown menu.


A locality is a fairly large portion of a city that has an official name. Examples of localities consist of several housing colonies or developments. This information is auto-populated, but you can edit it by selecting a new locality from the dropdown menu.


The city is auto-populated based on where this feature is located and shown on Google Maps. If you do not see the city name filled in, you can add a new city or edit an existing city.


Districts/Counties (known also as parishes and other names in some regions) may include multiple cities and possibly unincorporated areas. You can either add a new district or county or edit an existing one. For some regions in the world, creating this attribute may not be allowed.


The state is the first level of division within a country. States may also be known as provinces, regions, or governorates. Note that for some regions in the world, creating or editing the state may not be allowed.

Post code

Enter the postal/zip code of the location where the feature exists.

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