Add a place

Add businesses, establishments, and certain types of buildings and boundaries to the map. Before adding a place, first search to ensure it does not already exist on the map.

To add a place:

  1.  Click Add New on top left of the viewport.
  2.  Select Add a Place from the drop-down menu.
  3.  Select the Satellite view and zoom in to the appropriate location. Drop the marker on top of the building, close to the region where your place exists.
  4.  Select a category from the drop-down menu, or start typing in the box to search for a category. Enter the name of the feature in the Name field.
  5.  Click Continue to add more details in the left panel. You can discard your edit by selecting Cancel.
  6. Add details in the left hand panel. Select Building/Boundary attribute and choose the options which describes your place the best:
    • If this place is entirely inside a building, choose Select a building if the building is already mapped.
    • If this place occupies grounds and buildings, select Draw area outline of the grounds.
    • If you don't have any information, choose I don’t know.
  7. Enter the details and click Save to add your place.


Best Practices

  • Do not add P.O. Box numbers, as they're not the physical address of the business or feature.
  • If the building you want to associate with is not mapped, add the building outline separately and, once your edit is published, associate it with your feature.
  • Buildings inside the boundary can be named only if they are called by specific name. Otherwise, leave these unnamed.
  • Businesses / establishments should not be left unnamed.