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Make a decision

To review an edit, use your local knowledge, Street View and satellite imagery. You can also review the history of a feature to see other changes. Comments from other mappers might also provide valuable information about the edit.

Tips to make a right decision:

  • Check the user profile, type, number, and accuracy of edits. If the user seems suspicious, mark the user as a spammer.
  • Confirm that the user knows the place/road:
    • From the review choices, select “Not Sure.”
    • Ask the user for more information.
  • Use what you know about the area, any information provided by the user, satellite imagery, street view, and more to make a decision.

If you deny edits incorrectly, it may discourage the user and lead to valid data not getting published. If you are not sure, choose “Not sure.”

Tips to messaging the user:

  • Be empathetic: Be supportive and remind the user that you’re happy to help. It will improve the user's engagement with the community.
  • Give them the right Map Maker help link.
  • If the changes are small, do it yourself and tell the user.

Learn more about our moderation guidelines & Map Maker Terms of Service.

Review choices

Nothing suspicious. Consider publishing it.

If you’re think that the edit is not spammy or have a vandalistic intent, but are not sure about the factual accuracy of the details added, choose this option.

Learn more about spam and offensive edits.

Looks right. Publish it.

Choose this option if you are convinced that the edit is factually correct based on your knowledge, imagery provided in Map Maker or the editing user’s responses to your requests. You can also send a message of appreciation to the user.

If you agree with an edit even if it doesn’t match the Street View or Satellite imagery provided, add comments for reviewers to understand why you agree with the change.

Looks incorrect. Don’t publish it.

If you believe that an edit is wrong, give a reason. Select any of the options provided. To add a comment, select “Other.”

If the user disagrees with your edit, encourage to use I Object for a second review.

Learn about locations you can’t add and how to report spam.

Partially correct

If some of the changes suggested are incorrect, tell the user which changes you agree with.

Note: This option is unavailable for linear features such as roads, rivers and more.

Not sure

You can select this option when:

  1. You would like to send a message to the editing user for more information.
  2. You can’t make a decision, even after getting information from the editing user.

To save your comment, click Submit.. To exit the review, click Cancel

An email will be sent to the user and they can respond by clicking "Reply to comments.”

To see if other users are requesting for more information for your edits, check the "Pending - More info requested by the reviewer" under My Activities section. To respond, click Add a comment. Change your settings to enable email from other users.

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