Make a decision

Use your local knowledge, Street View, imagery, and satellite imagery to review an edit. You may also find it helpful to review the history of a feature to see changes made in the past. Other mappers’ comments might also provide valuable information about the edit.

Checklist to make a decision

  • Is the location or alignment accurate?
  • Does the edit seem logical based on your local knowledge?
  • Is there a duplicate of the edit?
  • Does the edit comply with the moderation guidelines & Map Maker Terms of Service?
  • Does this edit look spammy?

Nothing suspicious. Consider publishing it.

If you’re sure that the intention of the edit is not bad but unsure about the details added, choose this option.

Learn more about spam and offensive edits

Looks right. Publish it.

When you agree with an edit, you cast a vote to help publish it.

Sometimes you may agree with an edit based on your local knowledge, even if Street View or Satellite imagery is out of date. When that happens, it’s helpful to add comments so other reviewers can understand why you agree with the change. Your comments will be visible in the feature’s History tab after the edit is published. This creates a record of changes made to the feature for future editors.

Looks incorrect. Don’t publish it.

If you know an edit is incorrect, you can help prevent that edit from being published on Google Maps Provide a reason to support your disagreement. You can select from any of the options provided or add a comment by selecting “Other”. Read more on locations you can’t add and report spam.

Partially correct

Some edits may contain both accurate and inaccurate information. When you review some types of features with multiple edits, you’ll have an option to Partially agree with the edits. This allows you to help publish only the correct edits.

Once you select this option, you can check the boxes to accept some aspects of the edit, while disagreeing with other aspects of the same edit. Leave comments on the reasons for disagreement with the edit.

Note: The option to partially agree with an edit is currently unavailable for linear features such as roads, rivers and more.

Not sure

If you're not sure whether an edit should be approved or you want to ask for clarification so you can take appropriate action, select "Not sure." Edits that require further information may include these scenarios:

  • Someone added a valid business, but the marker location appears to be inaccurate.
  • The feature is a new development that can’t be seen on the Satellite imagery.
  • A change in the business hours doesn't appear reasonable for the time zone or location.

After you've written your note, click Submit to save your comment or click Cancel to exit the review without saving. Your feedback and a link to the feature will be emailed anonymously to the editor. The editor can respond by using the "Reply to comments" link in the email.

If other reviewers request details for your edits, they'll appear with a "Pending - More info requested by the reviewer" tag under the My Activities tab. You can click Add a comment to respond to the reviewer. Check that your settings allow you to receive email from other users.

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