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What's new

As a part of our ongoing effort to improve maps, we’ve made further enhancements to the look and functionality of Google Map Maker:

Places Overhaul

As part of this unified design, we have now classified “Places” as one of the following:

  • Establishments such as restaurants, universities, hospitals, stores and more
  • Buildings such as apartment buildings, towers, lighthouses and more
  • Natural features such as lakes, rivers, vegetation, dams, tarmacs and more
  • Political features such as cities, localities and other administrative divisions and more

Map Maker has now separated the buildings from the businesses within them. You can associate the place with a building or create an outline of the place.

Know more about adding places and associations.


Map Maker Activity Stream and Neighborhoods

With the all-new “Activity stream”, you’ll now see Neighborhoods, Search Results, your own activities and more, grouped together at the left hand panel.

Map making is now pivoted around neighborhoods, making it even easier to improve your hometown, local hot spots, or even your most frequented vacation destinations.

Read more on adding a neighborhood.


New Review Panel

Reviewing edits has been streamlined with the new left hand reviewing panel. Key improvements include:

  • New reviewing options

    While reviewing, you are now presented with four options to be able to agree or disagree to the edits made by other users:Yes, No, Partially, and Don’t know.

    Note: The option Partially is available only for edits with multiple attribute changes. At this time, this option is unavailable for Line features.

  • Improved readability of changes
    • Cleaner comment stream
    • Color code for different aspects of a feature.

Read more about reviewing options.


Map Maker Badges

Google Map Maker badges recognize your Map Maker achievements. These fun, colorful badges will appear on your Map Maker Profile, as well as when you hover over a mapper’s username, displaying your achievements for everyone to see.

You can also share your Badges on Google+ and other social networks.

Know more about Badges.

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