How we use your map content

Where will my map content be?

You can find your content in Google Maps, Google Earth, or Google Search. Your content may also be available through the Google Maps API and other APIs as well.

How long will it take for my map content to show on Google's services?

The time it takes to add your content into Google's services depends on content type. We can better add content that matches our format.

The following test content may delay your content request:

  • Parks
  • Political boundaries
  • Buildings
  • Parcels

If you think there are edits that we may have missed, contact us.

Can I get my map content removed?

No. Google has the right to keep the content up. Read our terms in the Geo Data Upload.

If your map information is found to be illegal, we’ll remove it.

Will my map content be sold or used for commercial purposes?

We don’t resell or redistribute the map content that you give us. You can find your content in free consumer services, like Google Maps. You can also find your content on other websites through our APIs, like the Google Maps API.

Wherever you find your map content, it’s hosted on Google servers and not redistributed. We don’t resell or redistribute your map information outside of Google products and services.

How will my organization’s data be used?

If we can add your data to our maps, it will show in Google Maps, Google Earth, and other Google services that use a map. Your data will also show in services that use the Google Maps API.

Will people be able to download my organization's map content from Google services?

Yes. If it was added into Google's products, people will be able to find and use your map content. But under our terms, Google agrees not to provide your content to third parties in a raw, unmodified form.
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