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Report a problem

Tell us about a problem on Maps

If you find problems with Google Maps, report an error on a map.

I can’t find my changes on Google Maps

We try to make high-quality changes to our maps and focus on new content. We also try to improve our test features, so we can process more data, which we may review later. 

If you think there are edits we missed, you can ask for a re-evaluation below.

Tell us about a problem on the Geo Data Upload

If you have problems with the Geo Data Upload, send us feedback.

I have a question about content I provided to Google

If you have any questions about content you provided through the Geo Data Upload, contact us:

  1. Sign in to the Geo Data Upload.
  2. Click Upload listing.
  3. Click an upload for inquiry.
  4. Click Ask.
  5. Enter your question.
  6. Click Submit.

I have a general question about the Geo Data Upload

For general issues or questions with the Geo Data Upload, go to our Help Center or contact us.


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