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About the Geo Data Upload

The Geo Data Upload is a free and easy-to-use tool for organizations to share their geographic data with Google Maps. Organizations that are verified and approved,  can share up-to-date map info with their constituents.

We focus on new info that’s missing on Google Maps to strengthen local agencies:

  • New roads: To inform citizens of more routes and new alternatives for their commutes
  • Street addresses: To make sure that everyone gets to the right place given an address

The Geo Data Upload tool may also process the following content as part of an experimental feature that we’re always improving:

  • Road updates
  • Parks
  • Political boundaries
  • Buildings
  • Points of Interest


For COVID-19 related Google My Business questions, please follow this link

To use the Geo Data Upload tool, fill out our sign-up form.


We have a wide variety of Geo Data Partners.

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