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Get started with Geo Data Upload

Your organization or government can improve your area’s geographic information on Google Maps. Get started here:

Ready to Upload Data

Partner requirements

We use map data from many types of organizations, which include:

  • National
  • State/provincial
  • Local governments
  • Non-profits
  • Educational institutions
  • Businesses

To advertise your business for free, go to Google My Business. If you’re not an eligible partner, you can still submit Maps feedback. For any other information you’d like to give us, go to Get on Google.

Content requirements

Please review our complete content specifications for templates and formatting to ensure successful submission of our prioritized data sets including roads, addresses and points of interest.


Note: We accept other data sets like parks, political boundaries and travel related data, on a case by case basis.

How to share your geographic data on Google Maps

  1. Create an account, or sign in to Geo Data Upload.
  2. Enter your information. Include an upload name, data type, and description.
  3. Click Upload files. Make sure your files are prepared according to content specifications.
  4. Click Submit.

After your submission

You’ll get an email when we start the upload process. If you need more help or have a question about the data you submitted, ask our support team.

The status of your submission will be sent to you by email:

  • New: We got your submission.
  • Under review: We started the process of your submission.
  • In use: We processed your submission and applied changes on our maps.
  • Parked: We can’t process your submission right now.
  • Not used: We can’t use your data. This could be due to a few factors, like format or feature type. Use the help links to learn more.

Turn around time can vary. When your submission is marked “Under review”, we can give you more information about your submission.

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