What are the requirements for address points?

Learn about the data formats we accept in Google's Complete Map Content Specifications.

The following apply to address points:
  • Include full address information
  • Do not include invalid geocoded points (e.g. no latitude/longitude values).
  • The geocode should link to the segment it belongs to (using the unique id).
  • They should be placed so that it is closest to the most natural access point. For instance, if a house is on the corner of a major roadway with no access from the house directly and a local road, make sure the geocode point is closer to the local road -- in other words, closer to the main entryway of the building.
  • Standardize the format, so that, for example, all the addresses in an area are the same format and are consistent. For example, it is bad if one house in an area is 1-A and another one is 2B. They should all have the same format (for example, 1A and 2B).
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