What are the requirements for points of interest (POI) ?

Learn about the data formats we accept in Google's Complete Map Content Specifications.

Requirements and Recommendations for POIs:
  • Polygons are preferred to points.
  • If some POIs are points and some are polygons please have separate files for each and please be sure the classification is the same in both cases and the fields of the shape file are the same (aside from geometry).
  • Point or Polygon Geometry (scale should be be better than 1:25,000).
  • Please use a field called 'NAME' for the name of the POI.
  • For POI categories, we recommend using the U.S. Bureau of Census TIGER FCC standards.
  • Please use a field called 'MTFCC' for category name.
  • If providing Polygons, please Indicate if the the geometry refers to the entire grounds or to building outlines. You may Indicate this during data submission, or add a field to the data and indicate "Grounds" or "Buildings". Optional Field naming guidelines (data related to park operating hours, parking, facilities, etc) should start with X_DESCRIPTION, such as: X_USAGE, X_HOURS, X_PARKING, etc.
  • Other standards and/or custom categories will be accepted, but be please be sure to include a data dictionary.
  • Generally speaking as fine-grained a classification as possible should be provided.
For your reference, here is a list of frequently used MTFCC codes.
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