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Marketing & publicity guidelines

You can market and publicize your organization's participation in Google's Map Content Partner Program. You can also promote our partnership in your organization's marketing communications. 

Make sure to use our guidelines below when you write a press release or talk to the media.


Be clear about our partnership

Tell your organization that you've added to your organization's Google Maps and Google Earth. Explain how your organization and customers will benefit from how they can find and use your content.

Do not overstate or disclose the terms of your partnership with Google

We want you to publicize our partnership, but do not disclose the terms of our content license agreement unless you’re allowed to under our content license agreement's "Publicity" and "Confidentiality" provisions, if any. Do not say or imply that we have a relationship beyond your participation in Google's Map Content Partner programs.

Do not say or imply that you’re an exclusive partner with Google

Your communications must clearly say you participate in Google's Map Content Partner programs. Do not say or imply that you have an exclusive agreement with Google.

Do not talk about launch plans

If we share launch plans with you, such as when your content will be published, do not share this information outside of your organization. Google doesn’t pre-announce new products or updates to products.

Press releases & media

Press releases are OK

If you want to issue a release, we need to review and approve it. All press releases that mention Google must be sent for review at least 7 business days before the announcement.
To get approval for your press release, send a copy to Make sure to include when you plan  to issue the release, how you’ll distribute it, and who will get it.

We can’t write joint press releases

Because we can’t accommodate all requests, we don't write joint releases. We also can’t participate in a joint media outreach. However, we can give a statement for your release.

You can ask us to give a custom statement or you can work from the below format. We’ll give you the name of the Google representative to attribute:

"We’re pleased to welcome [your organization's name] into Google's [program name] and to work with [description of your organization] to make their [type of map content] available to Google Maps and Google Earth users. By adding this content to Google's services, [your organization's name] will be able to [description of how users will benefit]."

Wait for your content to be published

Do not write a press release announcing your partnership with Google until your content is published on Google services.

Limit the number of press releases

Only try to get one press release approved every 3 months.

Do not include personal contact information for Google in your release

If you’d like to include press contact information for Google, use

Don’t speak for Google, its representatives, or products

You can conduct interviews and give statements about your organization's specific involvement. But do not speak for Google or speculate about any Google initiatives. We can answer questions from the press about Google, our strategy, or our products. You can direct questions to
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