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License your map to Google

Does Google need legal rights or a license to use our maps? 

Yes. We need to enter into a license agreement. The agreement grants us a license to your content and says what Google will and won't do with your content. The agreement is managed through the Geo Data Upload.

Can my organization provide geocoded data from services other than Google?

Your organization must own its content or have rights to license it. If you contract a service provider to collect or produce your content, you should make sure you secure the rights to make this content available to a third party. If you have questions about whether your organization holds the rights to license your content, talk with your organization's legal officer.

Is our organization required to give updates to maps we share with Google?

No. You’re not required.

What if I have edits to Google Maps but not new content? 

We welcome your suggested edits. Since Google Maps uses data from many sources, we like to process new data that’s missing from Maps. Updates to existing data may not be processed as easily.

You can also report a problem to suggest edits to the map.

Does Google charge to add to my organization's content?

No. We don’t charge you to index or use your content.

Will Google pay to use my organization's content?

No. We generally won’t pay for the content you provide. We use your maps content at no charge, but we don’t pay for the content.
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