In what data formats does Google accept terrain models?

We accept most GDAL supported, single band, type Float32, uncompressed raster data formats with a height value in meters. Supported formats are:
  • GeoTIFF (GTiff: ".tif")
  • Arc/Info Binary Grid (AIG: ".adf")
  • Arc/Info ASCII Grid (AAIGrid: ".asc")
  • Erdas Imagine Images (HFA: ".img")
  • SDTS Raster (SDTS: ".DDF")
Supported data types:
  • Int16
  • UInt16
  • UInt32
  • Int32
  • Float32
Vector formats (LIDAR point clouds, contour lines, TIN models) are not supported for direct input and must be converted prior to delivery to a supported raster format.
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