How should the imagery and metadata be organized?

All files should be grouped into a logical folder structure based on geography, date, resolution, and type. There should be no spaces in the names of any files or folders. For example:

     --> Las_Vegas
               -> 2007_1ft_RGB
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB.tif
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB.tfw
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB.prj
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB_metadata.txt
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB.shp
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB.shx
                    -> 2007_1ft_RGB.dbf
               -> 2008_1ft_BW
               -> 2000_6in_RGB
               -> 1990_2ft_CIR
     --> Reno
               -> 2009_3in_RGB
               -> 2004_6in_RGB
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